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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not experienced with using computers or tablet devices – what can I do?

The guiding design ethos for Assistive Control products is that they should be easy to use for a wide range of people with different levels of ability and experience. typeassist has been designed to offer a completely intuitive approach to creating speech and text without prior knowledge of using a computer – something which has been enhanced by tablet technology, which allows users to make their selections direct without using a mouse or keyboard.

typeassist runs in a simple, intuitive environment which requires no need to enter the Microsoft Windows environment that is hidden below.  Because of this typeassist can be operated easily by people who have not previously used or had access to a computer.

Do I need a PC or Mac to use typeassist?

typeassist is a stand-alone device designed to work ‘straight out of the box’ , so no other computer or device is required for the device to work.

How do I power my typeassist?

typeassist can either be powered direct from mains power or via inbuilt battery for portable use. Both methods are enabled via a charger which comes supplied with typeassist as standard.

For people using typeassist daily, we recommend charging typeassist overnight so a full charge is ready each morning.

Typeassist has a useful onscreen display which tells you how much battery life is remaining – so you always know when you need to recharge your device.

I am having problems using my Typeassist - what do I do?

typeassist has been designed to a design ethos of ‘switch on and go’, making it easy and intuitive to work without instructions. However a very simple typeassist guide has been included for people who have not used tablet technology before. Referring to your user guide will give you all the tips and options you need to start using typeassist in the way that works for you.

If you continue to experience any problems in the operations of typeassist, please contact our customer services department who will be happy to work with you and resolve your problem.

Is typeassist suitable for children?

A ‘beginners’ option - which helps complete words from a limited pool of words without predicting the next word - is provided for young users or for those developing literacy skills. This is a fun to use DIY literacy development tool which includes the facility to spell out words phonetically or by letter name.