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About Us

Assistive Control is the consumer division of Malvern Scientific Solutions, based in Suckley, Worcestershire, UK.

Established in 1998, our purpose is to create effective Assistive Technology that meets the needs of people with a very wide range of disabilities. Our aim has always been to enable the user to obtain maximum benefit from technology to enhance their quality of life.  For our clients this technology is not simply a life-style choice; it is the only route to communicating their wishes and achieving independence.

Led by Dr Marc Beale, a leading specialist in providing Assistive Technology expert witness services to the UK and Ireland, our team of expert engineers develops leading-edge software and hardware solutions that meet our client’s needs and expectations.

Our Research

The task of "wrapping up" a PC to make it accessible to the disabled user is technically challenging, due to the complex nature of conventional hardware and software which needs to be made accessible and user friendly for those with a disability.

In creating our products, our research encompasses a range of challenges including:

  • Researching access methods that are a replacement and improvement on a traditional keyboard/mouse control
  • Building software that is easily accessible to the user - taking into account any physical, cognitive, vision and literacy problems – and compatible with the chosen access method
  • Selecting appropriate hardware that enables the user to utilise the full potential of an Assistive Control system.

Continued Development

Our team are constantly developing innovative ideas for new products.

News of all our new developments will be announced on this website when they are ready for sale.