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Typeassist – making technology work for you!

Are you struggling to use the 26 ++ keys on a traditional Qwerty keyboard?

Do you find typing for your communication needs slow, tiring and uncomfortable?

Are you looking for a simple to use app with text to speech output?

Typeassist , our text based communication app, has been designed and developed so you only need to use 16 large onscreen keys. The simple layout, combined with our own powerful word prediction means you need use far fewer keystrokes to get your message across. Typeassist delivers all you need for simple, straightforward typing and communicating!

Suitable for users with a wide range of disabilities including MND, stroke and brain injury.

Assistive Control are moving! Our new contact details are:

T: 0330 113 1700

Address: 4 Richmond Road, Malvern, WR14 1NE

Typeassist is available now from the App Store. For more information please contact us on or download now from the App Store.