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Please use the following instructions to download and purchase Typeassist+.

  • Click on the ‘Download Licence Key Generator’ link
  • This will generate a pop up box with your product code – you will need this product code to continue with your purchase
  • Please make a note of your product code
  • To go ahead and purchase Typeassist+ please enter your product code in the ‘product code’ box above and click 'Add to basket'
  • You will be asked to give your contact details and will be guided through the online purchase process.
  • Once you have made your payment you will be given the license code so you can start using Typeassist+. A copy of the license code will be sent to the email address you have provided
  • Click on the ‘Download Typeassist+’ link
  • You are now ready to enjoy using Typeassist+!
  • The first time you run the Typeassist+ software you will be asked to enter the license code.
  • Please note Typeassist+ will only be licensed for the computer you have made the purchase on.
If you have any questions or problems please email

Who is it for?

Typeassist + is an onscreen keyboard and is suitable for anyone with a disability who finds a Qwerty keyboard too difficult or too uncomfortable to use. It is based on a grid using 16 large onscreen cells to help users make accurate selections.  We are sure you will enjoy this new and alternative way to type and communicate!

Typeassist + provides speech output and is suitable for use as both a typing system and communication aid.

Typeassist + is helpful for users with a limited range of movement in their arms and hands, they may have cerebral palsy, have suffered a stroke or have motor neurone disease, for example.It is suitable for adults and children.

Typeassist + also provides a ‘Beginners’ version, offering just 4 onscreen predictions and a simpler dictionary, making it suitable for younger users or indeed for those still developing their literacy skills.

Typeassist + can be used with switches and also with eye tracking. Please contact one of our advisers at if you require further information on different access methods or for an assessment to find out the best access method for you.

How to use Typeassist +

The Typeassist + programmes have been developed and designed to be intuitive to use to without the need for lengthy instructions manuals!   We are confident you will find Typeassist + easy to use and will soon be typing and communicating with ease and in comfort. As with Typeassist +, all the features of Typeassist + can be accessed by using just 16 cells.  The ‘Help’ cell will provide you with a guide to each cell, what it can do and how you can make the most of your Typeassist + software.

Please download our User Guide for a list of all the benefits and features of the Typeassist + programmes.  If you have any questions about how to use Typeassist + please email for help and assistance.

Download our ‘User Guide’ here!


  • Large onscreen keys for easy and accurate selection
  • Choose from the voices already installed on your PC
  • Beginners Typeassist + programme for those still developing literacy skills
  • Choice of appearance and font
  • Edit text
  • Spell-back
  • Add and remove words
  • Change number of predictions
  • Save text to removable drive
  • Intelligent word prediction which remembers your most frequently used words
  • Letters to Phrases function to store your most frequently used phrases
  • Calculator
  • Time and Date
  • Maths symbols and calculations
  • Easy to use with a wide range of switches and eye tracking
To find out more about how Typeassist + can help or to discuss your needs and requirements please call 01886 884188 or  Thank you!
Typeassist + is the subject of patent publications EP1996995 and US20090259962.

Getting started with Typeassist and Typeassist +

The Typeassist + software has been designed and developed to be simple to use and ‘no instructions’ necessary software!  It has a useful ‘Help’ cell which will guide you through all the features and offer simple ‘how to’ instructions.
Here is how you start typing and speaking out your first sentence using Typeassist +!
Let’s start with the sentence ‘This is a new way to type’
Please find and select the cell with the letter ‘t’.  You will see that Typeassist + predicts the word ‘This’.  The word prediction has now brought up ‘is’ in its selection of 8 predictions. Once you select ‘is’ you will see that Typeassist + has also gone on to predict ‘a’ and then ‘new’.  However, the system has not predicted ‘way’.  You will now need to select the cell with the letter ‘w’ and you will see ‘way’ has now appeared in the predictions.  You will now need to select the word ‘to’ from the predictions selection.
You will now see the sentence ‘This is a new way to’ in the text bar at the top of the screen.
The system hasn’t predicted ‘type’ so you will need to select the cell with the letter ‘t’ .  The word ‘type’ has not appeared in the selection of predictions so you will need to select the cell with the letter ‘t’ again.   You will notice it still hasn’t selected the word ‘type’ so you will now need to go to the cell with the letter ‘y’ and you will see that ‘type’ has now been predicted. Now please select the cell with the full stop to finish your sentence.   
You can speak out your message in two ways, either by simply touching the black text bar at the top of your screen or by selecting ‘controls’ and ‘speak’.
After a few practice sentences you will be able to create sentences quickly and easily!

To find out more about how Typeassist + can help or to discuss your needs and requirements please call 01886 884188 or email  Thank you!

Typeassist + is the subject of patent publications EP1996995 and US20090259962.